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From Monitoring to Warning System, our goal is 100% on security

Our know-how in the field allows us to propose you a turnkey solution for your projects: from characterization of the phenomenon to the installation, implementation of instrumentation and remote monitoring.

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Myotis team at the Aiguilles de Chamonix, Mont-Blanc

According to the kinematic phenomena, the nature of the site and the building type to monitor, we can detect anomalies using:

  • Seismic acquisition (vibration, acoustic)
  • Deformation measurement (strain, fissurometer, tachymeter, strain gauge, GPS, fiber optic, TDR)
  • Electrical or electromagnetic measurement
  • Level measurement (piezometers, pressure meter, ultrasonic)
  • Weather and snow measurement

Our team is able to:

  • Advise you on the choice of methods and techniques
  • Determine the relevant parameters and precursors to monitor phenomena
  • Define and design the instrumentation to monitor these phenomena
  • Install and implement the monitoring device
  • Develop safety to implement when triggering an alert or alarm
  • Develop specific monitoring tools
  • Establish models of behavior to predict the evolution and propagation phenomena
Alert System

Automatic monitoring of structures with a Leica Total Station Monitoring and Warning System of the Tete Rousse glacier (French Alps) Monitoring System for Hydrology Applications

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