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Research & Development

Myotis includes specialists in instrumentation, electronics, computers, geophysics and signal processing in a dedicated monitoring gravitational instabilities goal.

Seismic monitoring of an unstable rock mass, in partnership with ISTerre (French Alps)

Innovation has always been a central issue for Myotis, which has established since its inception a Research and Development department within its structure.

Young Innovative Company Award ( JEI in French ) from 2004 to 2009, Myotis company has since been approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as approved organization performing research and development.

Anxious to follow new technologies and innovate, Myotis works closely with various research centers in related programs like:

  • the development of new measurement tools,
  • the design of data management systems,
  • the digital dynamic modeling.

Myotis is involved in various research projects related to the "Monitoring of natural hazards" and to a better understanding of those mechanisms.

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