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About Sites

Whatever the topography of the site, the devices designed by Myotis are robust and adapted to extreme conditions (temperature, wind, precipitation, humidity, sunshine, ...)

Monitoring and Warning System of the Tete Rousse glacier (French Alps)

Natural sites

Myotis proposes you specific and unique monitoring systems able to provide you the best way for natural hazard assessment for different kind of of natural areas like : cliff, valley, corridor, rock mass, glacier or river.

Historical Artwork Monitoring Aqueduc de la Cana¨, France


Myotis proposes you its know-how and its experience to monitor in real time all your constructions, like bridges, viaducts, tunnels, dams, embankment, retaining wall, cavities, public building or private home.

Myotis staff for maintenance on a monitoring system

Building sites

During the construction phases, safety of workers is crucial. Myotis proposes you reliable and robust warning devices to rapid implementation.

Monitoring system in a limestone quarry, in the south of France

Mines and Pits

Myotis proposes you complete and remote measurement tools for all kind of monitoring in mines and for blasting operation.

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