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About Risks

It is essential to have both a thorough knowledge of the hazard, instrumentation and control and warning systems to develop an operationnal system of monitoring.
Myotis has all the skills to respond to your project.

Rockfall on the road RD 902 access to Tignes ski resort

Rockslides – Rockfalls - Landslide

Random and brutal events, rockfalls are characterized by breaking blocks and blocks fall.
They are easily identifiable like superficial phenomena but yet still poorly understood. By their very dynamic variable, the comprehension of such events can only be done through instrumentation. To protect your sensitive sectors, Myotis proposes you to follow the evolution of these hazards by measuring deformation (crackmeter, strain gauge, inclinometer, GPS) and microseismic.

Snow Avalanches – Mudslides – Mudflows - Debris flows

Snow Avalanche in the french Alps

Snow Avalanches

Like a sudden movement of a mass of snow on sloping ground, the avalanche triggers by disruption of the stability of the snowpack due to changes in snow and weather conditions.
To monitor your sites open to the public, Myotis offers an innovative system : a double detection mechanical and seismic.

Mudflow in the french Alps

Mudflows and Debris flows

Propagation of materials that occur at high speeds, the mudflows and debris flows can cause considerable material and human damage. Myotis proposes to monitor these hazards by its technical of seismic and radar monitoring linked with a classique electro-mechanical detection.

Building sites, blasting

Rock blasting in the french Alps

During phases of building construction or during blasting operation, personnel safety remains crucial. Myotis proposes you new monitoring tools through portable station and wireless technology for quickly instrumenting your sites. We design turnkey tools to facilitate your work

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