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Vibration Control

SAVIB Solution
The Vibration Control of your Structures

Vibration supervision of a sheet pile building site

The ©SAVIB is a measuring device, compact and modular, designed to respond the most stringent requirements for building construction. It is able to provide in real-time, the vibration and overpressure measurement (speed and the range of frequency) and the power spectrum. It is able to self-monitor its proper functioning and for all its linked sensors (cable continuity testing).

  • Onsite/In-field printing (Event report in the field)
  • Measured range from 0,1 mm/s to 217 mm/s
  • Up to 3 triaxial geophones and 1 microphone on the same monitor
  • Sample rates up to 5 kHz
  • Available memory up to 48 hours of continous measurement
  • Dedicated function keys and intuitive menu-driven operation for easy setup
  • Automated FTP function for remote monitoring

Range of Applications:

  • Blast monitoring for compliance
  • Near-field blast analysis
  • Pile driving
  • Construction activity
  • Demolition activity
  • Heavy transportation monitoring
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Structural monitoring and analysis
  • Underwater blast monitoring

Vibration control of a site excavation Vibration control of a tunnel construction site

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